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Forum Rules
CarPhotos is committed to providing a comfortable and informative environment for auto enthusiasts to hangout and share knowledge, information, tips, tricks and ideas about their automobile hobby. Our forum is an extension of that vision. We invite everyone to read, post, and enjoy the board.

Posting to our Forums is a privilege, not a right and Forum participants must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. The following rules, guidelines and policies are displayed and agreed to at the time a person registers as a member of this site. It is important that all members read and abide to each the following site rules:
  1. Post Flooding: Do not post flood our forums by submitting your post to multiple threads or forums. Post your message once to the most appropriate forum. If you post the same message in multiple forums, your posts will be deleted.
  2. Incorrect Forum Posting: Post new topics for discussion to the forum that is most relevant to the topic of your message. If there is no such forum, post it in the most appropriate forum.
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